Sample Timetable

11.00 Take the ferry from Downtown Auckland to Waiheke Island (or ealier if you want to go to the Ostend Market). You will be met and brought to the eco village for lunch.
2.00 til 5.00 (approx) Try out pre-arranged activities and learn about life in the eco-village, according to your interests and preferences.
6.30 Drinks followed by dinner.
8.30 Free time to chat, watch DVDs, read, make notes etc. or simply to have an early night.

8.30 – 9.00 Breakfast.
Then more time to experience or discuss your personal interests. Review  – what can you do at home and what resources can we help you with.
11.30 – 12.00 Departure – we will take you back to the ferry or to a vineyard of your choice for lunch.



Additional Options – to extend your Waiheke experience why not:
• ON SATURDAY: Travel to the island earlier and spend time at the iconic Ostend market where dozens of stalls sell a wide variety of crafts, foods, clothes, second hand books etc. It’s a busy, bustling hub of island life, full of colour, atmosphere, tempting smells and fantastic tastes.
• ON SUNDAY: Choose a vineyard to be dropped off at lunchtime, where you can sample more local food and wine before taking the ferry home.  Our recommendation would be Podere Crisci.