The location

At the east end of Waiheke Island, 30 mins from Matiatia ferry terminal, is an eco village which not everyone knows about, despite being in existence since the mid 1990s. It is run as a company with 15 shareholders – families who have all built their own houses and live by common principles of organic food production and ecological sensitivity. All share-holders have jobs – many part-time but some full-time – mostly outside of the eco village. There are monthly meetings, working bees and many projects on which we work co-operatively, such as building the community house, harvesting olives, looking after livestock, car-pooling etc.

The eco village is set in 400 acres of grassland, bush and wetland, including a tidal estuary leading to the sea on the south side of Waiheke Island. Previously farmland, we have a commitment to re-planting native trees and restoring the native bush.

40% of the land is covenanted with the Department of Conservation as a private nature reserve. We have working bees monthly during which we do building projects, repair the roads or clear invasive weeds from the regenerating bush.