The invitation

A time for change:

Most ecologically-minded people agree that we have to make radical shifts in the way we live in order for our world to survive, to change from one devastated by over-consumption to one that is sustainable and which can thrive.

It can be scary. It can be demanding. Sometimes a sense of helplessness prevails – as if there is not much you can do at a personal level.
Lori Forsyth and Bruce Wallace invite you to challenge that attitude by showing you just how much you can do, while still living a ‘normal’ lifestyle. You do not have to go ‘back to the land’ or become a ‘long haired hippie’ to live more sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint.

By participating in an Eco Living Experience Weekend on Waiheke Island with Lori and Bruce you will have a chance to experience sustainable living in an ambiance of comfort and style as well as commitment and dedication.

• You can experience and understand principles of:
* eco living and sustainability
* living off the grid
* small scale animal management
* organic gardening
* composting toilets
* alternative power systems
and much more…


• You can choose to have a go at:
* baking bread
* making ice cream
* pruning fruit trees
* starting a compost heap
* forming mud bricks
* pickling or preserving fruit and vegetables
and much more…

• You can find out about:
* living in community
* Lori and Bruce’s experiences at Findhorn where they lived for many years
* designing and building your own home
* living without television
and much more…

• And you can be inspired to try out at home:
*  growing veggies all year round
* bee keeping
* worm farming
* making cheese
* installing a solar water heater
and much more…